Dicaprio $3 Million Shark Protection Grant


A chunk of tuna became stuck at the top of the cage DiCaprio was in and the large shark tried hard to more.. get it. DiCaprio had to flatten out his body to stay out of harms way as best he could, but half of the sharks body went in and out of the cage as it wrestled with its food. Its teen mom tape face was inches from the actor at one point. The Romeo and Juliet star relayed the story on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs on NBC in the US. Not only did DiCaprio live to tell the tale on national TV, now he is doing his best to preserve sharks by to learn more saving them from straying gill nets. Oceana chief executive officer Andy Sharpless praised DiCaprio for his lending his support to the cause and said not only would it help protect sharks and marine animals, it would also help a number of the oceans habitats, such as in the Pacific and Arctic regions. DiCaprio, whose latest big screen effort is the critically-acclaimed The Wolf of Wall Street based on a book of the same name is in good company with Oceana. His fellow actors Ted Danson and Sam Waterston are also active in this space and both are on the board of directors at Ocean.
More http://guardianlv.com/2014/02/dicaprio-3-million-shark-protection-grant/


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